Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bachlorette Party Ideas

Bachlorette Parties are so much fun! They should be all about the, laughter, and one last night of single naughtiness.

A great party starts with a theme. Traditionally, bridal party attendees choose to wear colors like pink and black. However, my best friend recently got married and we chose to wear purple and was just as nice. I suggest picking the brides favorite color and adding it with the black. For example, red and black..yellow and black.

Top 5 Suggestions

1. Pole Dancing - If you have never been to a pole dancing class I suggest you try it. Not only is it a great workout but you are guaranteed a night of laughter. Picture the bachlorette party Divas all dolled up in pink and black dancing on the pole. It's an opportunity to let your alter-ego shine through and you will definitely get lots of  great pictures. I'm sure some of them will exude "What happens at this Pole party stays at the pole party"!

2. Party Bus- The great thing about party buses is that you can not only drink as much as you like and get home safely but you can travel in "DIVA" style! Imagine leaving the pole class and heading back to diva bus where there's a pole waiting and drinks to go with it!
And if you choose to stay on the bus the entire night you can. Picture this...Drinks, poles, light refreshments, and games like "Truth or Dare"! You can get as creative as you like!!!!

3. Night Club - Pick a club that has a really nice VIP section and rent it out for the party. The Divas can play games at the club, toast to the Bride-to-be, get great picture and if you have a wild bunch I'm sure you all will gain lots of attention!!!

4. Scavenger Hunt - I absolutely love this idea!!! Ok, so divide the Divas into teams and your off! Each team should have a camera or camera phone. You can create a list of things that the team must bring back. For example, a strippers business card. OR they must bring back a picture of whatever is requested. For example, picture of the team behind a bar with a hot bartender. Set a time frame and a point value for each tasks. The team with the most completed items or highest point value wins!!! The loseing team could be responsible for the drinks for the night or you can have little goodie bags for the winners. Either way, the laughs and pictures from this option will create memories that will be talked about forever.

5. Divas Night In - So, while going out on the town is ideal, staying in can be just as fun. There are so many great options!! Hire a stripper to salute the Bride-to-be. Play games like "Pin the Penis on the Man". Create a fabulous dessert buffet , filled with chocolate, cupcakes with penis toppers etc....GO WILD! You could hire a photographer that does boudoir photos to come in and create memories for the ladies to take home to their special some one. This also creates a really great gift for the Bride to give her husband on their wedding night or honeymoon. A lot of pole places come to you. This is a great way to add an extra if you have the space. Try the lap dance lesson, its a lot of fun!!! Create a pink signature drink for the night. Turn this into a pure romance party. The options are endless!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Circus Party

I love a colorful party theme! I love a party theme that is fun and allows the party guest to run wild and enjoy several elements. My Son's 1st Birthday was one I surely enjoyed planning. I felt like kid all over again! After months of searching for the perfect theme and perfect location I finally settled on a circus theme.

I made the invitations all by myself. They were a colorful, flyer style. I put it in a frame and placed it at his ticket booth upon entry. Framing invitations are a cheap an easy decoration for tables at your next party!

As I mentioned prior I like my parties to have several major things for guest to enjoy. We had a train, clown, bounce house, popcorn machine, snow cone machine, cotton candy machine and a candy buffet. Yeah, I may have went a little over board.....but it was well worth it!!

As guest approached the ticket booth they were greeted by....
These were my home made centerpieces.

Some of the party highlights....
I also added a "Come Clown Around" table where guests could come and dress up in clown attire and take pictures and I even had a circus themed craft table.

Resources: The Dollar Tree was really my friend while planning this party. I also caught some great deals at

If you have any questions just ask. I will be happy to swap ideas with you. Don't wait for a special occasion, continue to come visit your new party daily!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday

Where my parents at? If you are anything like me you pondered and pondered about how to celebrate your Son or Daughter's 1st Birthday. The search is over! Winnie the Pooh is a neutral theme that any child would love. When I seen this party I absolutely fell in love. Check out the talent over at Treasures and Tiaras!

Look at all the details on that colorful table....truly amazing work!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Edible Favors For All Occasions

I am sooooo excited about this one!!! Have you had a Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, etc....and pondered and brainstormed about what type of favor to give? Well, the search is over! Who doesn't love an edible favor, especially one that is cute and taste great. You have to check out the talent over at Bag them and display them on a beautiful sweet table or place one at each place setting.

Cookies for any themed kid party.....
Baby Showers

The best part is that they ship all over.

Also check out: - Amazing!!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rock Star Birthday Party

Check out this Party Like a Rock Star themed party I did for my daughter's 4th Birthday!!! I planned a few month's in advance for this one. I love planning kids parties! The best thing about kids parties is that you can get as creative as you like.

Upon each child entering they stopped at this rock star booth to get ROCKED OUT!!

Check out the Birthday Girl getting rocked out! We hired funifaces to come and do face painting for the kids! You can see more of their work at

Remember......every kid likes to sing, dance and rock out! It's a perfect theme for all kids with that perfect little personality!

Some Party Resources: - They have some really cool items for this theme

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful Bouquets for all Occasions!!

Oh Me Oh My.....there are some talented people in this world!! I have found some great party inspiration over the years. Thank God for Blogs! Let' get creative people!
You have to check out what I found via facebook....what a talented Lady this is!
PAPER FLOWERS.....They look sooo real! They are much cheaper but even more beautiful!

Please check out more of her fabulous work over at