Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Circus Party

I love a colorful party theme! I love a party theme that is fun and allows the party guest to run wild and enjoy several elements. My Son's 1st Birthday was one I surely enjoyed planning. I felt like kid all over again! After months of searching for the perfect theme and perfect location I finally settled on a circus theme.

I made the invitations all by myself. They were a colorful, flyer style. I put it in a frame and placed it at his ticket booth upon entry. Framing invitations are a cheap an easy decoration for tables at your next party!

As I mentioned prior I like my parties to have several major things for guest to enjoy. We had a train, clown, bounce house, popcorn machine, snow cone machine, cotton candy machine and a candy buffet. Yeah, I may have went a little over board.....but it was well worth it!!

As guest approached the ticket booth they were greeted by....
These were my home made centerpieces.

Some of the party highlights....
I also added a "Come Clown Around" table where guests could come and dress up in clown attire and take pictures and I even had a circus themed craft table.

Resources: The Dollar Tree was really my friend while planning this party. I also caught some great deals at

If you have any questions just ask. I will be happy to swap ideas with you. Don't wait for a special occasion, continue to come visit your new party daily!!

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